Our Mission

AAARG is a group united for the common cause of Gaming, Learning, Laughter, and Fun. Our purpose is to create an interactive and respectful gaming environment to promote the hobby of role-playing and board gaming in the Fox Valley area. This guild is not just for seasoned veterans, it is also for those who are interested in learning to game.
We would like to invite you to future AAARG events. AAARG is a great place to meet other gamers, join gaming groups, bring out your established groups or establish a new one. We encourage participation from all members in order to create a well-rounded guild.

Notable Members


Monty Bevers

Founding Member

One of the original founding members of AAARG, Monty has been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1981. Not quite a forever DM, but close.

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David Wentworth

Guild Elder

David stumbled into Dungeons & Dragons one fateful day in Middle School, and despite his first character dying horribly at level 1, he is still playing nearly 30 years later.

Chelsea copy

Chelsea 'Lala' Pachan

Web Developer

Chelsea, aka Lala, is our esteemed web developer and all-around tech guru. She started playing TTRPGs in college and enjoys cosplay and collecting shiny math rocks.

Notable Members From Our History

The AAARG is proud to recognize those members who've had a lasting impact on our community. We pay tribute here to former Elders, founding members, and all those who've helped shape what the Guild is today. Thank you.

Our Code of Conduct

A thought about the code of conduct: Gaming is full of choices, decisions, and the results thereof. In order to make the most out of every gaming session, we must put forward some simple guidelines. If everyone can follow these, we should be able to maintain a well-rounded and solid gaming environment.

  • Everyone has a choice, chose to do what is right.

    If you don’t like the game you are in, chose to withdraw before unwanted or undesired interaction occurs.

  • GM’s set the rules and guidelines for their games.

    They have the ultimate decision-making authority in their games.

  • No arguing with the GM.

    They have many things going on in the game. If you don’t understand what is happening, that doesn’t mean the GM is cheating.

  • Be flexible!

    We all have played various games with many different GM’s/rules/guidelines. Gaming is about using your imagination and therefore is subject to continuous change, updating and redefining.

  • If you don’t like the way your game is being run...

    ...you can always learn how to run one yourself.

  • Don't Be That Person

    Any behavior that is deemed as annoying, derogatory, harassing, slanderous, uncomfortable, or illegal to deal with, will be addressed with the possibility of ejection from the game and/or temporary or permanent suspension from club activities.

  • Religion & Politics

    There will be absolutely no non-game-related discussions regarding politics or religion at any AAARG-sanctioned games or events.

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